Short term loans renewal

Do you need to renew your loan as quickly as possible?
With Prêt Pour Aider, loans are renewable! No hassles, no waiting – just meet the conditions and provide the necessary documents. Are you satisfied with our services, and do you need to receive an extra amount of money as soon as possible?

Here are the conditions for renewing the fast money loan:

  • If your payments are provided each week and there are 2 payments left to make on the contract
  • If your payments are provided every 2 weeks and there is 1 payment left to make on the contract
  • If your payments are provided on a monthly basis and there is 1 payment left to make on the contract

What to include in the file to renew your fast money loan application

If you’re trying to renew a loan, that means you already have a file open with Prêt Pour Aider. You therefore don’t need to provide the same documents as those required for a new application.

In addition to meeting the conditions mentioned above, here are the documents that must be presented with your application:
  • Your bank statement for the last 30 days;
  • Your last pay stub.

How to send the documents to complete the loan renewal application

As required, the documents must be sent by fax when they are requested by Prêt Pour Aider’s agents, who take care of processing your renewal application.

How long does it take to receive the money you need?

If the application is received before 11:30 am, the money will be deposited into your account the same day.

To ensure that you receive the amount as quickly as possible, you should call Prêt Pour Aider on the Monday morning of the week of your renewal to discuss it with one of our agents.

How to apply for a fast money loan renewal

Please contact us by telephone by calling 1-855-355-7738 to speak with an agent who will be able to access your file. Then, you can send us the required documents by fax at 1-855-855-3799.

We will be happy to serve you with all the professionalism and efficiency that has helped build our reputation and meet the expectations of our customers.