Our interest rates for fast cash

Ready To Help offers to its customers :

  • Annual interest rate of 20% (APR)
  • Any default in payment shall bear interest at the rate of 20% and, in case of formal notice, action, application, request and/or pursuit, the customer agrees and accepts to pay an additional amount equal to 20% of capital owed as damages liquidity and pay extrajudicial fees incurred by Ready To Help.
  • A brokerage fee is applicable when obtaining a loan.
How does it work?
Once you have completed the application, your loan will be deposited directly in the same
account where payments will be withdrawn, according to the payment frequency determined
upon signing the contract.

We will not automatically renew your loan.

Reliable account collection service
Our account collection service uses recognized and reliable methods. If you miss a payment, our
collection agents will contact you to make arrangements for payment. There are many ways that
arrangements can be made, at their sole discretion. If you do not fulfill your agreements with our
collection agents, your case will be handed over to an outside firm and there will not be any more
agreement with our perception department.

Any amount due will be collected until full amount has been repaid according to applicable laws.

Responsible loan policy
Applications will be submitted to a process where the client’s record is analyzed in order to make
sure he is capable of reimbursing the loan. This process includes, but not limited to: verifying
that the applicant’s salary is sufficient and verifying that the applicant does not have short term
loans in progress causing him to be incapable of repaying his loan in due time. If one of these
reasons turns out to be true, the application could result in a refusal.

Always keep in mind that a short term loan generates higher interest than a loan in your local
financial institution. We recommend they be used as little as possible and in cases where the
applicant has no other option or cannot obtain a loan at a smaller interest rate. If used
responsibly, short term loans can prove to be the right solution for you, considering your
financial emergency. Taking multiple short term loans with multiple companies of this type can
lead to excessive debt and cause great financial problems. Please borrow responsibly.

Faster payment:
You can repay your loan faster if you want to. Apply now!